Zfire CMS: A new way to deliver dynamic content securely and with great speed.

About Zfire CMS

What is the primary purpose of your website? Which of the following best describes your intention?

  • Deliver information to users (possibly to lead to a sale or other monetizing behavior).
  • Directly monetize users’ behavior.

Much of today’s web technology caters to direct monetization, while much of the original web technology from the ‘90s focused on information delivery. But these two dramatically different purposes of a web site remain today.

Web technology that excels at monetizing user behavior can also deliver information, but it does so with massive costs and overheads that are sometimes hard to spot. As web technology optimized for information delivery does not perform in the arena of monetizing user behavior, such technology has too few modern treatments.

Zfire CMS addresses this need with modern, secure, and maintainable solutions.


Zfire CMS is in active development. Here are some of the upcoming features:

  • Page management / site administration panel with WYSIWYG Content Editor
  • Dynamic indexing pages to organize content by metadata (i.e. all blog posts by date)
  • RSS Publisher based on indices
  • SASS CSS generation option
  • Installation wizard

We'll open up for suggestions in a formal feature tracker soon. Meanwhile, feel free to contact us to suggest features.

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Why Build a New CMS?

Fact: Small, medium, and large businesses all need a web presence.

Fact: In many of these cases, they do not need a persistent, customized experience per user for their entire website. Some businesses do not need it at all. This is the classic “brochureware” website case.

Fact: Maintaining a classic "brochureware" site without a framework (straight HTML for example) is either cumbersome when done right, or results in sloppy inconsistencies. Further, websites lacking in dynamic, constantly fresh content are deprecated in search results and they exercise less hold on an audience.

Fact: Large web application frameworks and Content Management Systems supply a great deal more customizability and capability than the classic brochureware website case needs.

Fact: Web Application Frameworks, Content Management Systems, and all of their plugins require constant administrative work in terms of version upgrades, compatibility issue mitigation with said upgrades, and vulnerability patching, etc… And vulnerabilities are often exploited prior to patch availability, so websites get hacked, vandalized, and turned into spam or virus propagation engines.

Fact: A user’s experience with a website can be slowed down by three main factors: many HTTP requests for the page’s resources, complex JavaScript rendering, and server response slowness due to complex server-side code.

Zfire CMS was developed to provide a basic website framework that is nearly immune to common website hacking attacks and lightning fast at page delivery, by providing alternative approaches to all of the problems described above. Zfire CMS is not the right tool for every job, but it is the absolute right tool for certain jobs: brochureware websites in particular. Other use cases that Zfire CMS fits in ideal ways are dashboards and portal sites.